L'histoire d'Imigo Immigration

Accrédité par le gouvernement du Canada et membre du Conseil de réglementation des consultants en immigration au Canada.
Conscients qu’immigrer dans un nouveau pays est un projet de vie, notre mission est de vous accompagner jusqu’à l’admission de votre dossier d’immigration au Canada.
Imigo mobilise son expertise et ses ressources pour vous aider à choisir le programme d’immigration Canadien le plus adapté à votre profil, parmi plus de 70 programmes disponibles et pour vous faciliter les démarches tout au long du processus

Why choose Imigo ?

Why Use Our Immigration Firm ?

Discussing migration options before taking on each case.


Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your case to ensure success


Commitment to respond to a client as soon as possible


To propose flexible and evolving formulas


To process all information and documents in compliance with the laws in force


Record all recommendations in clear written legal opinions


Our rates are fixed, clear and detailed


To put at the disposal of its customers an interactive platform for the collection of information

Our know-how

Imigo is an immigration consulting firm. Whether it is economic, investment, tourism, or study immigration services, IMIGO is a one-stop solution for all your needs. We offer comprehensive, reliable, and professional immigration services.

When you choose IMIGO Immigration, you are trusting an internationally respected immigration firm. All of our employees have many years of experience and have been selected on the basis of their expertise, skills, and professionalism.

Our philosophy

We want to build a different kind of business, one that focuses not only on financial results, but also on the happiness of our clients and our team, as well as on our personal development along the way. Here are the values that collectively guide our decisions and actions:

  • Transparency by default


    As individuals, we view transparency as an authentic and honest lifestyle.


    As a team, we see transparency as an effective way to work remotely and build a culture of trust.


    As a company, we see transparency as a tool to help others.

  • Showing gratitude


    We regularly stop and show gratitude for circumstances.


    We are grateful for our clients and approach conversations with them knowing it is a privilege to serve them.


    We practice humility, act as performers without ego, and do not attach our personal selves to L’appareil ideas.

  • Consistent improvement


    We are action-oriented and have higher expectations of ourselves and our product than others.


    We aim to be fully engaged in our work and activities, and totally disconnected when not working.


    We choose to be where we are happiest and most productive.

Nos engagements

Why Use Our Immigration Firm ?

Imigo in figures

We are a firm of experienced consultants


IMIGO immigration is the right choice

+600 satisfied customers (+90% of files accepted from the first submission)

Explore new horizons with us

4 destination countries

Choose your program from over 150 available programs

+150 available programs

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