If you had to choose only one country to live in ?

Could it be Spain for its tapas and its good atmosphere or Italy for the Dolce Vita?
Of course not ! Canada is the place to be !
A country well known for its French and English bilingualism, political stability and prosperity. Canada is the ideal destination to settle in. It is distinguished by its lush nature, its great cultural diversity and the security of its environment.
What reasons motivate your immigration project? Through its various advantages, Canada undoubtedly meets your criteria:
An Exceptionale Quality of Lif
On the list of countries with the best living conditions, Canada stands outs being ranked first, ahead of Scandinavian countries. This ranking was made on a basis of various criteria such as leisure, housing, public services, transportation, et more.
A Dream Environment
As the second largest land after Russia, Canada is characterized by a great diversity, large areas of nature, and vast networks of world class national parcs.
A Cosmopolitan society
Diverse people, a figure of urban utopia, and a dream of peace and consensus.
A Constant Feeling of Safety
Safety and security are major factors to consider. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canada scores a 9.1 out of 10 in the population well being index with no less than 81% of Canadians asserting they feel safe even when walking on their own by night.
A Unique Health Care System
With one of the best health care systems in the world, Canada stands out with the quality of its hospitals, clinics, and independent doctors’ offices which are located in most neighborhoods. Health services are free to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
An exceptional educational system
Canada, more than any other industrialized country, invests heavily in education. Canadian universities and colleges are awarding every year prestigious degrees of world class recognition. Elementary and secondary education is free for Canadian citizens and permanent residents, while higher education is made much more affordable for them.
Governmental Support for a successful integration
Immigrants are supported throughout their search for employment. While waiting to land a job, all residents are entitled to a governmental financial assistance.
Canada, a land of immigration and integration
With over 200,000 new people arriving every year from diverse cultures and countries, Canada has one of the most attractive and positive immigration policies in the world. Such cultural diversity, in an environment of peace and tolerance, is hard to find. No matter where you are from, once you are approved to be an immigrant, you are given the same rights as any Canadian citizen. These rights are protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. After living on the Canadian territory for three years, you can choose to become a Canadian citizen.