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I. Business Immigration
Canada offers several business immigration programs that are not managed by the Express Entry system (Federal) , nor by ARRIMA (Quebec). The most popular ones are the following :

1. Investors

In order to be eligible for the investor Program, you must:
Have, alone or along with your accompanying spouse or common-law partner, a net worth of at least 2,000,000 C $ obtained legally. However, amounts received as donations less than six months before the submission of the application are not accepted;
Have at least two years of management experience completed in the five years preceding the application. This experience may include managerial functions such as planning, supervision and management of financial, capital, and human resources under your leadership. However, the experience cannot include apprenticeship, trainings, or specializations leading to a diploma;
Make a deposit to Investissement Québec (IQ)- Immigrant investors Inc of 1 200 000 C $ that will stay untouched over a five year-long period. This deposit is guaranteed by the Canadian government. Brokers and trust companies offer the possibility of financing the deposit.
Upon the maturity if the investment, the broker or trust company will reimburse the full amount to the candidate without interest within a period of 30 days. However, the amount reimbursed may vary if the candidate has opted for the personal financing of the deposit.

2. Entrepreneurs (Starting a Business)

Programs available in the entrepreneur category are generally adapted to immigrant applicants with the skills and potential to create innovative businesses in Canada that can create jobs for Canadians and be competitive at a global scale. In some programs, immigrant entrepreneurs are associated to private groups of Canadian angel investors, or to groups of venture capital fund organizations that have experience in start up building and can provide essential resources.
The requirement of these programs vary across the different provinces, and generally include a level of proficiency in French and/or English, specific amounts of money investments, and some experience in entrepreneurship

3. Self employed workers

The self employed workers category is adapted for business immigrants who could make a significant contribution to the cultural or artistic life of Canada. Applicants should generally have relevant experience and the intention and ability to be self-employed and contribute to specific economic activities in Canada.
Applicants must also meet basic selection criteria according to a point-based system.
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