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Canada facilitates the entry of temporary residents including visitors, foreign workers, and students. In 2018, no less than 6,024,233 visas and electronic travel authorizations were issued to visitors, international students and temporary workers, which represents an increase of 5.2% compared to 2017.
The Canadian international student program has experienced a rise in demand over the past few years. The country is ranked among the top four destinations for study abroad experiences in 2018, while it was seventh in 2015. In fact, in 2018, over 721,000 international students held study permits at all study levels. Among these, 356,000 were newly issued study permits, representing an increase of 13% compared to 2017. The rise in the number of foreign post secondary students in Canada since 2008 represents a relatively fast growth compare to that of other OECD member countries
Besides, 53,805 people who previously held a study permit in Canada were admitted as permanent residents, representing an increase of 20% compared to 2017. Among those, 10,949 had their study permits in 2018, the majority if these people entering as economic immigrants.
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